Amigurumi Ballerina Elephant Free Crochet Pattern

We share Amigurumi Ballerina Elephant pattern for free. I hope you will like it. Pattern: @fatoscaorguler HEAD: 1) Magic ring 6SC (6) 2) 6V (12) 3) SC, inc (18) 4) 2SC, inc (24) 5) 3SC, inc (30) 6) 4SC, inc (36) 7) 5SC, inc (42) 8) 6SC, inc (48) 9) 7SC, inc (54) 10-21) 54SC … Devamını oku

Amigurumi Sleepy Dog Free Crochet Pattern

We share Amigurumi Sleepy Dog Pattern free of charge. I hope you like it and you can follow our website for new patterns. Pattern:@babynaturalll Terminology İnc: increase SC: Single Crochet DEC: Decrease Eyes will be caught between beige and blue. Head: 1. 6sc into the magic ring (6) 2.6inc (12) 3 (1SC, 1inc). (18) 4 … Devamını oku

Amigurumi Cute Helena Free Pattern

Materials: yarn: flesh, white, pink, black, brown thin black thread for face design finished eyes or half beads hook 2mm wire for the frame material for the skirt (tulle, organza) filler needle for stitching cardboard for insoles in shoes Designations: Magic Ring – Caligo Amigurumi Sl-st – connecting column Ch – air loop Sc – … Devamını oku

Amigurumi Velvet Cute Giraffe Free Pattern

Necessary materials and tools Yarn ADELIA “FANTASY LUXE” – 2 skeins Himalaya Dolphin Baby yarn – 1 skein of different colors (1 primary color and 1 for specks, hooves, horns and manes) Hook number 6 for pompom yarn Hook number 4 for plush yarn Thread color for stitching parts and embroidering peepholes (I use Pekhorka … Devamını oku

Amigurumi Velvet Stinky Unicorn Free Crochet Pattern

We share a very fancy pattern with you. Amigurumi unicorn, I hope you enjoy it. Follow us for new patterns. Pattern: @seherilter Height: 37 cm Materials;  White himalaya dolphin velvet rope Juvenile kimalaya dolphin velvet rope 14 mm mesh  2 pcs flower button Yarnart jeans crazy for hair  Horn and dress silvery rope (can lanoso … Devamını oku

Amigurumi Pirate Free Crochet Pattern

For binding -yarn -filler – smoothing -scissors -hook -cardboard glue, moment Conventions -CH-Chain -Sc-single crochet -İnc-increase -Dec-decrease -3in1-3 sc knit in 1 loop -Dc-column -Hdc-half-column – ps loop offset -SL-ST-connecting column Feet(x2) Dial 7ch 1 row-inc, 4sc, 3in1.4sc, inc 2 row-1sc, inc, 4sc, 3inc, 4sc, inc, 1sc 3 row-inc, 1sc, inc, 3sc, 1hdc, (inc hdc, … Devamını oku

Amigurumi Crafter-Granny Free Pattern

Materials: With the specified wool, the figure is about 25 cm tall. • Wool (Sport weight), for me: Schachenmayr Catania/ Scheepjes Catona (Fb. 242, 255, 408, 172, 130) • Crochet hook in suitable size (for me: 2,0 mm and 2,5 mm) • Stuffing • some cardboard or plastic • Stones, rice or suitable weighting materials … Devamını oku