Amigurumi Pirate Free Crochet Pattern

For binding



– smoothing




glue, moment



-Sc-single crochet



-3in1-3 sc knit in 1 loop



– ps loop offset

-SL-ST-connecting column


Dial 7ch

1 row-inc, 4sc, 3in1.4sc, inc

2 row-1sc, inc, 4sc, 3inc, 4sc, inc, 1sc

3 row-inc, 1sc, inc, 3sc, 1hdc, (inc hdc, 1hdc) * 2p, inc

hdc, 1hdc, 4sc, inc, 1sc, inc

4 row-back half-loops27sc

Cut to size and paste.

5 row-6 row-27sc + 2ps

7 row-9sc, 1hdc, 3 dec hdc, 1hdc, 8sc, dec

8 row-7sc, dec, 1sc, dec, 1sc, dec, 8sc

9 row-16 row-starting with a blue strip only 8 rows

1 row of blue, 1 row of white yarn.

In the 4th row on the left half loops we knit

8sc, 1hdc, 2dc, 1hdc, 8sc, sl-st.

We knit the same way. Once we cut to the other, we continue to knit.

Connected feet

1 row – we knit a step of 5sc, 4ch, 6hdc, inc dc, 6dc, inc dc,

6hdc, 4dc by ch, 6hdc, inc dc, 6dc, inc dc, 6hdc, 4dc

Knit white thread, markers back between 4 mass

Further, the center-spin centroid, if necessary

do offset loops.

2 row-B-52sc (B-white)

3 row-F-back half-loop 52sc (W-yellow)

Cut the insole from the cardboard to the size of the part

and glue for evenness and stability and pear.

4 row-P-back half-loop 52sc (P-pink)

5 row-7 row-P-52sc

8 row-w-52hdc

9 row-P-52sc

10 row-11 row-teeth go exactly in the center of the face, do not tear off, just gently stretch the inside of the knitting. 22sc (P), 9sc (B), 21sc (P)

12 row-14 row-22sc (P), 9sc (Brown), 21sc (P)

15 row-16 row-22sc (P), 9sc (B), 21sc (P)

17 row-26 row-10 row, the first row in the back is half-looped, the rest is securely, through the pairs turn around and tie in pink with the front half-looped holding the toy hole on the white, white loop on the touch, 13sc (Bel), 26sc (Bezh), 13sc (Bel), watch so that the knit does not need to be shifted .

27 row- (Bel) -52sc

28 row- (Bel) 20sc, (back half-loop 4, 4dc, 4hdc), 20sc noticeably

Bang-sc, 3hdc, 4dc, 3hdc, sc in front of half loop.

The toy is not tightened so that it remains flat

the form.


29 row- (Yellow) 12sc, 8ch, with the third ch we knit 6dc by ch, skip the 2nd, 24sc sweat, 8ch, with the third ch 6dc by ch, skip the 2nd, 12sc

30 row-12sc, backstroke backstop 2sc, 4hdc, v3vp

lifting 3hdc (round leg), 4hdc, 3hdc in

ch, 4hdc, 2sc, 12sc domarker

31 row-back from marker 24

30sc thread (24p should remain before the marker), ch, turn

32 row-dec, 26sc, dec, ch, rotate

33 row-28sc, ch, turn, dec, 8sc, 3hdc, 2dc, 3hdc, 8sc, dec, ch, turn

34 row-dec, 7sc, 3hdc, 2dc, 3hdc, 7sc, dec, ch, turn

35 row-dec, 20sc, dec, ch, rotation

36 row-22sc, ch, turn

37 row-dec, 18sc, dec, ch, turn

38 row-dec, 16sc, dec, sl-st

We turn the toy with our backs to ourselves, count

15 loop, right and 15 straighten knit 30 sc, ch, rotation, repeat 32 rpo 38r.

We take two children holding a toy of a back of Xebay

We connect sc (back detail of concrete, front for the back half-loops.) As a result, turning face the toy should receive a row of front halves.

Holding a toy thread, we attach a thread the middle of the three side yellow hdc loops and connect 4 + 4 remaining yellow loops loops, knit a little yellow sc, descendant other side 4 + 4 yellow loops middle a loop.

Circle 6sc pink, 12sc for the back half loops

white, 18 sc back half-yellow, 3ch, 4dc, 3ch, sl-st.



1 row-6sc wka

2 row-4inc, sl-st

Sew the first third row.

Glancing 4 rows, between the distance 6p

Curls (x4)


1 row-9sc into magic ring

2 row-back half-loops 9 sc

3 row-5 row-9 sc awesome

6 row-dec dock, fill, hole

Sew on the bent hat, the first sew on the hat on the middle of the hat, so that it does not frown.


1 row-6 sc into magic ring

2 row- (1sc, pr) * 3p

3 row-9sc-beige

4 row-5 row-9sc-yellow

6 row-13 row-9sc-roses

14 row- (1sc, dec) * 3 row

15 row-3dec, hands to fill, open to pull, leave the thread to sew in. Sew the hands of the body according to the color change (the color transition line should match).

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