Amigurumi Haku Dragon Free Pattern

Horns are made of wire wrapped in yarn with a thicker layer at the base of the horns. Amigurumi Haku Dragon Free Pattern The mustache is also made of wire wrapped in yarn. The mane is made of yarn that has been fluffed with a brush for combing animals. Ch – air loop Sc – … Devamını oku

Amigurumi Garden Elf Free Crochet Pattern

Amigurumi Garden Elf Free Crochet Pattern meterial • x50g at 150m – flesh, orange, green • Not a lot of blue, white, black and red • Hook 2.5 • filler • eyes • scissors • marker x 2 • needle • good mood) the size • 43 cm ELFIC BODY HEAD R1. 8 Sc in … Devamını oku

Amigurumi Dragon Free Crochet Pattern

Those who want detailed photos of the production stage can write privately. Materials: ✓ yarn 70g Pink 35g white yarn KATIA VELVET FINO ✓ Tool hook 1.75 mm ✓ Protective eyes 8 mm, black threads for eyelash ✓ filler ✓ 1 long needle for tightening Abbreviation: Sc – single crochet Ch – air loop İnc … Devamını oku

Amigurumi Humpback Whale Knitting Pattern

Humpback whale knitting pattern Abbreviations Sl st (half-crochet, crochet) Ch (air loop) hdc (single crochet half-column) Dc (double crochet) Sc (single crochet) Dec (decrease) İnc: increase TOP OF CHINA – Dark color Row 1: chain of 11Ch Row 2: Starting at the 2nd loop of the chain, knit 10Sc. Row 3: 1Ch. 10Sc. (ten) Row … Devamını oku

Amigurumi Green Alien Free Crochet Pattern

Material: Pecherka “Pearl” Somewhere half a skein left. On a little bit white, green, blue, pink. (for registration muzzles. Hook number 2. Stitching needle. Synthetic winterizer. Designations: Ch- air loop İnc-increase Dec- decrease Sc – single crochet Hdc – half crochet Dc double crochet * … * x n- that in the middle of the … Devamını oku

Amigurumi Wonderful Fancy Deer Free Pattern

Materials: -For moose, I used the first time “Bamboo weed “, the second time” Nubuck “, yarn consumption from me it turned out a small, somewhere 1 \ 4 hank “bamboo weed “and nubuck took a little bit. -Horns and hooves are tied from velor, it is necessary just a little, you can take a … Devamını oku

Amigurumi Pokemon Pikachu Free Pattern

The most famous Pokemon Pikachu joins his friend Paciris, a scheme of which is already on our website. This little yellow Pokemon, thanks to its zigzag tail, resembles lightning. In general, Pikachu is a kind and calm character, but you should not offend his friends, otherwise the enemy will not be bored. Knitted toy Pokemon … Devamını oku